June 26, 2020

The video shown is just the casting call. The full-length tv show will be broadcasted on RTL4 and Videoland later this year.

Format title: Expeditie Ondergronds (Expedition Underground)
Genre: full-length game- and survival show
Number of episodes: 6 

Platforms: nationa...

June 2, 2020

Format title: Greetz (General Branding campaigns 2019 and 2020) 

Genre: tv-spots and more (short-form ads for TV, radio, online and DOOH)
Number of episodes: 6+ 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: RTL4, RTL5, RTL8, MTV, 24Kitchen, TLC, Fox, etc. Radio: Skyradio,...

Format title: Food Fight

TV-genre: quiz show

Number of episodes: 4 + multiple short content teasers

Platform: Facebook and Instagram 


- Show existing and new clients that your food can also be delivered in the park. 

- Fun content for engagement. 


Food Fight...

Format title: Tosti-Tijd ('Time for Toast')
Genre: Cooking battle / Street casting 
Number of episodes: 4 and one teaser video

Platform: Facebook, YouTube, IGTV and website

About the client:
Beemster, founded in 1901, makes traditional regional cheese. Their delicious a...

Format /Campagne title: SoundBites 

Genre: short content, hidden cam.

Number of episodes: 3

Platform: Facebook and Instagram (IGTV)

Goal: Fun content for instant brand engagement


Candid camera format. Unsuspecting people who ordered food via Deliveroo were surp...

March 29, 2019

Format title: Greetz (TV campaign 2019) 

Genre: tv-commercials (short ads for TV, radio and online)
Number of episodes: 3 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: SBS6, FOX, TLC, NET5, etc. And online: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV

At Greetz people buy postcards and l...

December 22, 2018

Format title: Clash of the Classics
Genre: Cooking | Number of episodes: 3
Platform: Facebook and website (Benelux)

Goal: PR for a new steam oven. Deigned to demonstrate that you can cook every meal with it.


In every single-closed episode of Clash of the Classi...

December 20, 2018

Format title: Classical Speed Dates

Number of episodes: 4 + one teaser / promo

Platform: Facebook and website 


Increase traffic for the new classical music platform ‘’ while promoting the Warner Classic catalogue. 


Episodes starts with short...

December 20, 2018

Format title: Special Delivery 

Genre: VLOG
Number of episodes: 50 so far — biweekly video all year round

Platform: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV

At Greetz people buy postcards and little presents for friends and family. Our idea: to capture the emotion and the s...

Format title: "Minister zet schoen voor Alzheimer Nederland"

Genre: Interview / one-off 

Platform: Facebook & LinkedIn 


On the 5th of December it’s a tradition in Holland “to put your shoe in front of the fireplace”, so that Sinterklaas will fill it at night with...

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