• Client: AEG

Client: AEG | Clash of the Classics

Format title: Clash of the Classics Genre: Cooking | Number of episodes: 3 Platform: Facebook and website (Benelux)

Goal: PR for a new steam oven. Deigned to demonstrate that you can cook every meal with it.

 In every single-closed episode of Clash of the Classics we see a battle between a famous internet-chef (influencers) and an amateur chef. The question and the assignment is simple: who will make the best version of a classic dish? Will the popular chef serve the best lasagna or is it, say, the first aid doctor who will go home with the winning title? Shot at a festival in Amsterdam, summer 2017. The audience decided who was the winner of the show.

Call To Action: 
 Everyone is a star cook with an AEG steam oven. Go to website (for the full recipes, etc.)...

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