• Client: Deliveroo NL/Be

Client: Deliveroo | Love on a plate

Format title: Bord voor je kop / Love on a plate 

Genre: Dating show, short content

Number of episodes: 8

Platform: Facebook and Instagram

Goal: Fun content for engagement. Content centered around Valentine’s day.

 Begins with a video call for Dutch singles who are looking for true love. Who wants to eat a pizza with Kareem? Who wants to share a burger with Luna?

Series consists of two parts. 1) The call: I’m looking for a date! We hear the candidates talking, see their holiday pictures, and

we know what they want to eat on the first date. But we do NOT see their faces because they

hold a plate up in front. People could tag friends they thought fit for a date. 2) The result. How was the date? Do they want to see each other again, yes / no? And last but not

least, how was the food? ;) Call To Action: who do you want to share a pizza with tonight? Call To Action: with whom do you want to share a pizza tonight?

✓Real, authentic content: no actors, only real love seekers, specified by friends or family

✓Real dating, real reactions: also when the date was a disaster, we shared it ✓An interaction hit for Deliveroo Holland