• Client: Greetz

Client: Greetz | Special Delivery

Format title: Special Delivery 
 Genre: VLOG Number of episodes: 50 so far — biweekly video all year round

Platform: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV

Goal: At Greetz people buy postcards and little presents for friends and family. Our idea: to capture the emotion and the story behind these packages.

 Biweekly vlog hosted by Piek, an onscreen talent nurtured and trained by Bombilate. In each episode we see people surprised by Piek ringing their doorbells with a present from a loved-one. The reasons for the gifts cover all walks of life: Weddings, births, birthdays (even a 100-year-old grandmother), love declarations, funerals, illnesses from broken wrists to sadly sick children... We tell honest and real stories.

✓Pure and true content: the people we visit really don’t know we’re coming ✓This vlog is about far more than glossy images, it’s about capturing real and authentic emotions

✓Greetz now uses sound bites from our vlogs for all of their national radio campaigns