• Client: Koninklijke Jumbo

Client: Koninklijke Jumbo | Digital Detox

Format title: Digital Detox Client: The Royal Jumbo Group (develops and sells games, puzzles and toys)

Genre: VLOG

Number of episodes: 3

Platform: Facebook, YouTube


Promoting various board games titles within the Royal Jumbo Group.


Imagine... Living without screens for a whole week. While you have two children who are addicted (just as bad as you) to their phone, their tablet and their TV. The Dutch celebrity Tanja Jess and her husband (singer known from The Voice) took up the challenge.

The moment Tanja told her children that ALL displays had to leave the house, the eldest said: "Then I hate you!" But there was good news too. To ease the pain, a large pile of board games was delivered. Thanks 2 Jumbo! In three episodes we follow the family. What impact does it have on the family? And who ultimately suffers the most from this challenge? The children or Tanja herself?

✓ Countless free publicity around the theme of digital detox. Tanja was invited to several national talk shows, where they also showed pieces of the vlogs (including the Jumbo games)

✓ Real challenge, real family

✓ No sneaky commercial, but authentic content: we also showed the less positive moments.