• Client: Greetz

Client: Greetz | TV spots 2019

Format title: Greetz (TV campaign 2019) 
 Genre: tv-commercials (short ads for TV, radio and online) Number of episodes: 3 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: SBS6, FOX, TLC, NET5, etc. And online: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV

Goal: At Greetz people buy postcards and little presents for friends and family. Our idea: to capture the emotion and the story behind these packages. As a successor to the popular 'Special Delivery'-vlogs Bombilate produces, Greetz asked us to develop and produce the complete branding campaign for 2019. In collaboration with Dear.

Greetz used soundbites and quotes of our tv-ads for their national radio campaign as well (Skyradio, 100%NL, etc.)

✓ Pure and true content: no actors!

✓ Unscripted