Client: Warner Music | Classical Speed Dates

December 20, 2018

Format title: Classical Speed Dates

Number of episodes: 4 + one teaser / promo

Platform: Facebook and website 



Increase traffic for the new classical music platform ‘’ while promoting the Warner Classic catalogue. 



Episodes starts with short vox pops. People are asked if they ever listen to classical music. If the answer is a clear No, they are invited to have instant dates with the genre. Knowing nothing yet they enter a totally dark theater. When they push a giant red button the speed dating starts. A professional classical group performs a classical piece until the red button is pushed and then another group, featuring difference forces, plays a different piece, and then another, and so on. Will our classical newbies find love?!


Call To Action:

“Go to the website and date yourself...” Warner Music made a playlist so everyone, even those with no interest in the genre before, could try out all kinds of classical music.


  • 1.000.000 views + big interaction record  

  • Multiple cross posts by big brands and online channels in Holland, such as The Amsterdam ConcertGebouw

  • Lots of (music and high) schools copied the format and started doing it themselves

  • Tinder for music



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