Client: Deliveroo | SoundBites

Format /Campagne title: SoundBites 

Genre: short content, hidden cam.

Number of episodes: 3

Platform: Facebook and Instagram (IGTV)


Goal: Fun content for instant brand engagement



Candid camera format. Unsuspecting people who ordered food via Deliveroo were surprised by musical entertainment on their doorsteps. “Hi, you ordered Mexican?” Just before the customer (always real, no actors!) could say ‘Yes!’ a traditional Mexican musician begins playing on their doorstep. In an episode with Dutch food we delivered a typical Dutch Barrel organ. When somebody ordered Italian; four handsome young Italians performed a big sing-along hit!


Call To Action: 

How does your food sounds tonight? Order now...


✓Resulted in the biggest interaction-rate on the Dutch Deliveroo Facebook-page so far

✓Real, authentic content: the people are real costumers
✓A lot of surprised ‘What the f*ck is this!!?’-faces.


Hi! You ordered Dutch food? 


You ordered Italian? 

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