Client: Beemster | Tosti-Tijd

Format title: Tosti-Tijd ('Time for Toast')
Genre: Cooking battle / Street casting 
Number of episodes: 4 and one teaser video

Platform: Facebook, YouTube, IGTV and website


About the client:
Beemster, founded in 1901, makes traditional regional cheese. Their delicious and creamy cheeses are famous around the world. 


Claim the 'tosti-moment' — make people think of Beemster when they think of grilled cheese sandwiches. Natural, premium cheese: delicious, creamy and of the finest quality.



After street casting (no actors!), in every single-closed episode two people compete with each other. The question is simple: Who makes the tastiest sandwich? They only get 60 seconds to 'build their tosti' and they have to use - at least - one ingredient they have never used before on a grilled cheese sandwich...  Sometimes that produces delicious surprises! And sometimes... Not. ;)


✓Pure and true content

✓Casting: the relationship between the contestants is very important (best friends, mother/daughter, boy/girlfriend.) Everyone can mirror themselves with them.









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