Client: Greetz | TV spots

June 2, 2020

Format title: Greetz (General Branding campaigns 2019 and 2020) 

Genre: tv-spots and more (short-form ads for TV, radio, online and DOOH)
Number of episodes: 6+ 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: RTL4, RTL5, RTL8, MTV, 24Kitchen, TLC, Fox, etc. Radio: Skyradio, Radio538, 100%NL etc. Online: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV. Digital Out of Home: on digital billboards all over Holland in May/June 2020.  


At Greetz people buy postcards and little presents for friends and family. Our idea: to capture the emotion and the story behind these packages. As a successor to the popular 'Special Delivery'-vlogs Bombilate produces, Greetz asked us to develop and produce the complete branding campaign for 2019. 

This campaign comprised two series. Part 1 went live in March and Part 2 went live in August 2019 and January and May 2020. In collaboration with Dear.


✓ Pure and true content: no actors! 

✓ Unscripted 





> Jaimy Daniluk (Greetz Brand Manager) and Marit Holdinga (Greetz Theme Brand Manager) in front of our first Digital Out Of Home collaboration. June 2020. 







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