Stacey Rookhuizen (The X-Factor, Project Runway, Talpa) founded Bombilate in 2016 to develop and produce TV shows for advertisers. Major brand clients now include Deliveroo, Schiphol, Danerolles, AEG, Warner, Lexa, Greetz and ANWB.

Bombilate’s credo is entertainment + emotion = engagement. We increase your visibility, fanbase and sales by telling real, entertaining stories with real people. Real people = real emotions. That’s why we never use actors.

We hire only the very best industry talent: on our full-length branded TV shows, on our web videos, and on our national radio and TV ad campaigns. Take a look...




"Van single naar ANWB-stelletje." NEW! The outdoor dating show 'Wildkampeerders', aired on SBS6. Campaign reach: almost 12 million people.   > More

Dit Is Vakwerk...

CLIENT:Bouwmaat Nederland 2022

In this digital campaign, 12 nominated professionals are lured to Studio Baarn. They think that something needs to be hammered, renovated or made more sustainable, but what really awaits them... are spotlights! Simply because they deserve it.   > More

Verbinding Verbroken

CLIENT:Danerolles 2022

FULL ATL BRANDING CAMPAIGN. With their new campaign “Lost Connections” Danerolles brings people who have lost touch back together around the kitchen table.   > More

Love To Meet You

CLIENT:Lexa 2021

Digital campaign. In this snackable content series Lexa introduces real current members to new, potential members. Let's talk love!   > More

VVD election campaign


National online-, radio- and tv-campaign. Why do people (again) vote for the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte? Let's ask and see!   > More

Baby On The Way


In BABY ON THE WAY - aired on primetime RTL 4 - we follow couples just as they are about to give birth to a new baby. Everything is ready for the big day except for one detail: None of our parents have a baby room ready for the new arrival...   > More

72u. Ondergronds

CLIENT:ASP Adventure 2020

72u. Ondergronds is a full-length RTL 4 / Videoland-adventure survivalshow for teenagers, shot entirely underground!   > More

Greetz TV ads

CLIENT:Greetz 2019/2020

Full branding campaigns for Greetz: tv, radio, online, DOOH. Real people, real stories, real emotions.   > More


CLIENT:Deliveroo 2018

"Hello... You ordered some Mexican?" — Hidden cam. format | snackable content series   > More

Special Delivery

CLIENT:Greetz 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

There's a story behind every package sent via Greetz. Let's capture some of these stories on screen, we said in 2017. Now, 3 years later, we have delivered 62 (!) single-closed episodes to Greetz.   > More

Food Fight

CLIENT:Deliveroo 2018

Food Fight is a super delicious food quiz. In each episode, two teams of friends (randomly picked from the park) compete against each other. Who knows everything about food?   > More

Time for Toast

CLIENT:Beemster (CONO) 2019

What time is it? Aight! It's Time for Toast. With melted cheese, of course. We're Dutch.   > More

Clash of the Classics


In every episode we see a battle between a famous internet-chef (influencers) and an amateur chef: in this episode we meet Kevin - 37 years old, plumper - vs Elise (ChicksLoveFood). Who makes the best burger?   > More

Blue Glitter Shoes

CLIENT:Alzheimer Nederland 2018

Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands Hugo de Jonge has his shoes painted for Alzheimer Nederland by the Dutch artist Lola Brood.   > More

Digital Detox

CLIENT:Koninklijke Jumbo 2017

Imagine... Living without screens for a whole week. While you have two children who are addicted (just as bad as you) to their phone, their tablet and their TV.   > More

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