Stacey Rookhuizen (X-Factor, Project Runway, Talpa) founded Bombilate in 2016 to develop and produce (online) TV shows for advertisers. Major brand clients now include Deliveroo, Schiphol, Beemster, AEG, Greetz and Warner.  


Bombilate’s credo is entertainment + emotion = engagement. We increase your visibility, interaction and fanbase by telling real, entertaining stories with real people. Real people = real emotions. That’s why we never use actors.


We hire only the very best industry talent: on our full-length branded TV shows, on our web videos, and on our national radio and TV ad campaigns. Take a look! 🍿

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Entertainment for brands? Does it work? Yes, it really works! The figures prove it. 

In the first week we posted our casting call video, ASP Adventure’s online bookings quadrupled. (4x!)
(Source: Mollie payements)

Meanwhile as exposure to our 72 Uur Ondergronds TV series increased in the press and online the ASP Advent...

Format title: Greetz (General Branding campaigns 2019 and 2020) 

Genre: tv-spots and more (short-form ads for TV, radio, online and DOOH)
Number of episodes: 6+ 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: RTL4, RTL5, RTL8, MTV, 24Kitchen, TLC, Fox, etc. Radio: Skyradio, Radio538, 100%NL etc. Online: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV. Digital Out of Home: on digital billboards all over Holland in May/Jun...

Format title: Food Fight

TV-genre: quiz show

Number of episodes: 4 + multiple short content teasers

Platform: Facebook and Instagram 


- Show existing and new clients that your food can also be delivered in the park. 

- Fun content for engagement. 


Food Fight is a super delicious food quiz. In each episode, two teams of friends (randomly picked from the park) compete against each ot...

Format title: Tosti-Tijd ('Time for Toast')
Genre: Cooking battle / Street casting 
Number of episodes: 4 and one teaser video

Platform: Facebook, YouTube, IGTV and website

About the client:
Beemster, founded in 1901, makes traditional regional cheese. Their delicious and creamy cheeses are famous around the world. 

Claim the 'tosti-moment' — make people think of Beemster when...

Format /Campagne title: SoundBites 

Genre: short content, hidden cam.

Number of episodes: 3

Platform: Facebook and Instagram (IGTV)

Goal: Fun content for instant brand engagement


Candid camera format. Unsuspecting people who ordered food via Deliveroo were surprised by musical entertainment on their doorsteps. “Hi, you ordered Mexican?” Just before the customer (always real, no actors...

Format title: Greetz (TV campaign 2019) 

Genre: tv-commercials (short ads for TV, radio and online)
Number of episodes: 3 

Platforms: national Dutch TV: SBS6, FOX, TLC, NET5, etc. And online: Facebook, YouTube & IGTV

At Greetz people buy postcards and little presents for friends and family. Our idea: to capture the emotion and the story behind these packages. As a successor to...

Format title: Clash of the Classics
Genre: Cooking | Number of episodes: 3
Platform: Facebook and website (Benelux)

Goal: PR for a new steam oven. Deigned to demonstrate that you can cook every meal with it.


In every single-closed episode of Clash of the Classics we see a battle between a famous internet-chef (influencers) and an amateur chef. The question and the assignment is simple...

Format title: Classical Speed Dates

Number of episodes: 4 + one teaser / promo

Platform: Facebook and website 


Increase traffic for the new classical music platform ‘’ while promoting the Warner Classic catalogue. 


Episodes starts with short vox pops. People are asked if they ever listen to classical music. If the answer is a clear No, they are invited to have insta...

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