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Love To Meet You

Client: Lexa 2021

Digital campaign. In this snackable content series Lexa introduces real current members to new, potential members. Let's talk love!

LOVE TO MEET YOU is a format explicitly designed to tell new members two crucial things. First what Lexa - the number 1 in dating - offers in the field of real, registered singles. Second, it will show how people just like you, are already members. Lexa is for you.

Each episode - distributed via owned channels and via Linda.nl - begins with the sound of a ringing doorbell, somewhere in the Netherlands. Host Pauline Wingelaar — a well-known influencer with more than 180.000 followers on Instagram — has come to meet a single man or woman. The idea of this campaign is very simple: to show potential members who else is on Lexa. And as we do so we have one main subject to talk about… Love!

With considered casting we show the great diversity of the Lexa/Meetic membership. Every member and candidate is totally different—and so is every episode. Where they live, how they decorate their houses, their personal interests, the way they look, what they dream about for the future… The only thing all members and candidates have in common is the fact that they all are serious and committed in their dating journeys. These people are all looking for true love!


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Senior Marketing Manager Europe at Meetic, Roelijne Peters:

"Bombilate shares the same values ​​as Lexa. Stacey can capture our singles exactly the right way, from their most sincere side."

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